Moo Moo Express Car Wash offers a “Moo Fundraiser” program for 501c organizations, in which organizations sell one-time use Moo Moo Express Car Wash coupons (good for a free signature Crème de la Crème VIP car wash). The Moo sells those coupons to eligible organizations at half face value, or $9 each. Organizations then turn around and sell coupons to family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. for a pre-determined price (we’ve had organizations sell at a discount, or others sell for full face value, at $18 each). Regardless, your organization keeps the profit.

Organizations either pre-purchase a certain number of coupons, or we can put together a Pre-Order Flyer. With this option, team members can take coupon orders and collect the money. An organization rep tallies all orders, sends us the number of requested coupons, and corresponding payment. We request that the fundraising period lasts no longer than 2 weeks.

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